Meet the founder of Linkdelta, the “Italian ChatGPT”

Many years ago, a young boy from Siracusa – a town located in Sicily – found a book called Homo deus. A Brief History of Tomorrow, written by Y. N. Harari. The boy was already capable of creating websites and software, and was very passionate about new technologies. At that moment, he didn’t know that a single book could change his life forever. His name was Angelo Sorbello.

He began his research into artificial intelligence: «I started experimenting with the dawn of this tech». In the meantime, in 2020 Angelo sold to an American investor an online platform for software comparison. With the money he made from that sale, he started financing a brand new idea: Linkdelta. «It’s a website that allows users to exploit generative AI in a simple way», he told us in an interview.

What is Linkdelta

«The main advantage of Linkdelta is that you have everything on the same platform». Indeed its AIs can generate text, create images, write codes, transform text into speech and speech into text. It doesn’t end there. «Many people improvise with ChatGPT – Angelo Sorbello added – They think they can obtain a good output with their prompts», namely the command you request from the AI. It is not so easy. «To obtain a defined result for your purpose it is necessary to be very specific». Linkdelta does it for you.

The website has prompts already prepared for users: «Our models are created by a prompt engineer». That means, for example, that you can create an image of the Colosseum with AI, applying the style of Salvador Dalì, as in the photo below.

Angelo Sorbello created for us an artificial image of the Colosseum with Linkdelta. He asked AI to use Salvador Dalì’s style

But there are many more variables possible. You can select an art style (3D render, Steampunk, Anime and so on), a Lighting Style and even the mood you want for your image. The possibilities are endless.

Generating text with Linkdelta

Like ChatGPT, Linkdelta is able to generate text. Hovewer, to facilitate the user’s experience Linkedelta has multiple sections for text generation. There is a normal AI chat, where you can have a conversation with Linkdelta’s AI. Then, there is the “AI Documents” area, where it is possible to generate reviews, translate or summarize a text and even write your own blog article. In the example below, we asked the AI to write an article titled 10 places to visit in Rome. Linkdelta’s outcome was astonishing.


The AI response came in less than one minute. But, as Angelo highlights, there are many other features: «With Linkdelta, you can generate Python or Php snippets with ease», and you can generate headlines for ads, social media content, startup ideas, HTML pieces of code and creative stories.

Angelo Sorbello: the beauty of the game

Angelo Sorbello also talks with us about his origins, his goals and what it means to do business if you launch a startup.

Text to speech and speech to text

Linkdelta’s strength is that you can trasform your text into speech, having an AI pronouncing it for you. And you can have audio trasformed into text with amazing accuracy. Here’s an example generated by us.


To have this kind of products is very expensive, as Angelo himself confessed. «You can’t do it yourself, you need tons of money to train an AI». That’s way many of the «Big players» are actually losing capital. «I think that OpenAI is down 300 million», he said. «If Microsoft wasn’t behind them with its support, they couldn’t do it, you need that billions».

Linkdelta’s partnerships

Thanks to his work, Angelo’s company created multiple partnerships: «Some of the biggest consulting agencies in Italy, like L-Hub, one of the fastest growing companies in Europe – he said – or CargoX, and Mashable». But Linkdelta thinks abroad: «We have a partnership with The New York Post Marketplace and, a US tech journal. We plan to have many more important customers in the future».

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